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Poop is not Terroir: Discoveries in Southern Italy, Part 1

best wine of Southern Italy?

I’m a big fan of Sangiovese and Nebbiolo.  So, at our company, and everywhere, Tuscany and Piedmont get a lot of attention.  “Flash, flash, flash,” sounds the camera, as these regions saunter out of their marketing limo.

Hey, and the consumer loves them, too.  Although, perhaps a bit too much…almost as if they are pointing the flash at themselves, and blinding themselves to OTHER THINGS

IN ITALY.  That’s right, other regions in Italy grow grapes!!!!

We’ve discovered a real gem in Southern Italy that I’ve GOT to share with you…but it doesn’t taste like Sangiovese and Nebbiolo…are you willing?

Amedeo Barletta

The winery is Vestini Campagnano from the region of Campania.  We met this winery through our selector, Jens Schmidt.  They are north of Naples, and just north of a town named Caserta.  It’s a familia biz, spearheaded by the father, Alberto Barletta and fueled by his sons Amedeo and Luigi.  They are consumed with the history of the region and the indigenous grapes, and, in my estimation, are the hottest stuff in Campania.

When we visited them in March [our second visit], I was totally floored by their new vintages.  They are ALWAYS fresh, loaded with perfect and pure fruit…and boy do they ROCK with Campanian food.  Oof.

Luigi Barletta...hang ten, chief!

What do the wines taste like?  No barnyard and no horse manure aroma [yeah] …a traditional problem with

a lot of southern Italian wines.  Folks, POOP IS NOT TERROIR, it’s from dirty cellars.  At Vestini Campagnano, t

here ain’t no scoop of da poop.  On the other hand, do not expect the same

flavor profile as Napa Cab or Aussie Shiraz.  The beautiful fruit has hints of Mediterranean herbs laced in the fruit…mmmmmmmm.

Their regular wines are not cheap…but not too expensive.  That being said, they just created a new line of wines from their young vine locations…Asprinio, Aglianico, Falanghina, and Casavecchia [that’s ri

ght] that are really affordable and SO true to region.

check em out.  red – Pallagrello Nero [most noble grape of southern Italy?], Casavecchia, Kajanero [a blend of Aglianico, Casavecchia and Pallagrello Nero] and the young vine selections mentioned above; white: Pallagrello Bianco.  And, from their other winery, Poderi Foglia [pronounced: Foh-lia] they make two blended wines: Concarosso and Concabianco.

dis is good stuff.

work horse grape of Campania...mmmmm

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