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Dude…High Elevation: Discoveries in Southern Italy, Part 2

When you think of Sicily, what comes to mind?  Red sauce, mafia…ok, I’m drawing a blank.   In the wine world, what comes to mind is Nero d’Avola.  Seems like it’s the only red wine from Sicily of interest.  Errrrrrrrrrr.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not Nero d’Avola’s fault.

The problem with most Nero d’Avola is that it’s grown in lower elevation, in hot Sicily.  It gives the grape bitter elements, that often mask some of the delicious blue fruit native to it.  We have found a producer that not only solves Nero’s issues, but also gives us some other wacked out varieties.  Their name is Di Giovanna.  Two brothers, Klaus and Guenther.  I know…mom’s German, dad’s Sicilian.  These guys are kickin’ an organic farm WAY up in elevation near Sambuca (central-western Sicily, southwest of Palermo).  We’re talkin’ 2,500 ft!  What does that give you?  More intense UV and solar radiation and cooler temperatures, which give you true ripeness and fresh acidity.  Nero d’Avola, welcome to paradise!

Even more, they bring to us a PHENOMENAL Nerello Mascalese (my fav) and Grillo and Grecanico.  Not to mention a crazy value called Gerbino Rosso, which is a field blend.  Gerbino is really popular in the wine bars in Brooklyn, and the Nerello is stomping in Manhattan.  All the selections are vinified in stainless…another bonus for those looking for wines expressing purity and primary fruit character.

Prices are also amazing…look to under $20 bucks for all of it.

***A little unknown is their Nerello Mascalese Rose.  The best buyers in New York have their sweaty palms all over that little gem…hunt that one down if you can.

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