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Old World vs. New W…..snzzzzzzz

@DebraMeiburg (a master of wine)…ok, let me start over.  Obi Wan Kenobi tweeted something very interesting this morning: “NW vs OW. Oh dear, tired topic?”  Well, it used to be one of my favorite topics.  I remember foaming at the mouth arguing or thinking about which “world” was better at making wine.  But, which side I rooted for depended on the context…you know, like in Bottle Shock, who can support the narrow-minded establishment?  But, on the other hand, when you’re drinking Henri Jayer VR Clos Parentoux…you’re wondering if American terroir and American attitude toward making wine, better yet, attitude toward culture, could EVER make something as profound.

But Debra’s right.  Who cares?  Contextualizing is exactly the point.  What does better mean?  Sometimes, good Napa Cab is just right for my occasion.  Sometimes it’s Beaujolais.  While I understand that the Old World New World debate has merit to debunk establishmentarian weltanschauung, I have to grab my gavel and say that I, too, am “tired” of this topic.  Can we move on?  Hey, Obi Wan, would you do that thing with the mind control…you know, with your hand thingy?

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