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Lotta Lotta in Walla Walla

Funny, I’ve been seeing a lot of reviews of Nicholas Cole Cellars tonight on twitter, cause i’ve been jammin’ with these wines this weekend.  Everyone is tweeting on Camille 05 from Columbia Valley, but I’ve got my sites on the Michele 05 from Walla Walla.  Black cherry under liquor with some black fruit, slightly spicy, and loaded with sexy, smooth [yep, used that word, don’t judge me] tannins.  It’s modern…that’s cool, i’m hip…and clean.  Probably one of the top wineries I’ve tasted from Washington.  Don’t give me this Cayuse crap…talk about cedar tree in your chops!  K Vintners…it’s good.  DeLille, yup.  Nicky Cole, it’s coming at cha.

Oh, why, yes, I’d like to try the Dauphine 06 Syrah, also Walla Walla.  I think someone poured a ball-point black pen in my glass.  Flourless chocolate, raisins [not too raisiny, if you know what i mean], and a little pepper, which I would like to see more.  Mouth is huge, but it’s got acidity!  Yes!  Yes!  Modern, but really well made.  Totally cool winery.

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