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Chile is cool

I love Chile. BUT,  I don’t love all the wines coming out of Chile…in fact, a lot of it is manufactured hog manure.  One dimensional, hard, green, underripe…at best, it’s coca-cola…at worst, it’s a land of poo.   And I know it’s cheap.  But, all the more shame.  Why?

Two things make Chile the greatest place on earth to grow grapes: luminosity and diversity of terroir.  Did you know that in Chile, the sun is so intense, that it actually allows more production without reducing the quality…ergo cheap.  In some regions, you can get the same level of poly-phenols (silky tannins) in average locations as you can in some of the best viticultural regions in Europe!  Shame on much of Chile! Boo…hisssssss.

The diversity of terroir is also fantastic.  North in Elqui Valley, which is just south of the Atacama Desert (driest desert on earth) to the south Bio Bio, which is essentially Germany reborn.  Then, west to east, the temperature and mountain terrain change in an hour of driving!  Cool climate Casablanca to mountainous Maipo!  Sauv Blanc to Cab in an hour!

If you find a great producer in Chile, stick with them, they’ll prove to be incredible values.  We have found a great one in Geo Wines…driven by the genius of Alvaro Espinoza…Antiyal fame.  We also represent a terrific winery in Casablanca called Vina Quintay.  Check em out.

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