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I love Oz Clarke…check out these snipets

On terroir: “Terroir is an excuse for wine tasting like an armpit. ‘Oh, that’s how it’s supposed to taste, old boy!’ ”

On minerality: “Minerality is one of the great canards. I love minerality when it’s rocks and pebbles, like you rub your tongue against wet stones and you taste the minerals, the chalk, the granite. But a mouthful of wet mud is not the minerality you want. Unless it’s Pomerol, of course.”

On overripe wines: “Phenolic ripeness is another canard. People make wine so ripe ‘because we can,’ and then they water it down to reduce the alcohol. They say it’s the pure ripeness of the grape. No, it isn’t: It’s the death throes of a grape that is shriveling on the vine.”

On buying local wine: “When you have a developing wine culture, you have to be willing to pay a few dollars more for a boutique wine, as an investment in the future. And stop saying it should taste like something else. “Should” is a word that shouldn’t be in our vocabulary when you have people trying to make a go where no one has done it before.”

On innovation in wine: “The wine world is coming up with new classics all the time — New Zealand sauvignon blanc, Argentine malbec, Virginia viognier. In the last two years I’ve tasted enough Virginia viognier that I’m convinced they can match the best viogniers in the world. If Virginia has a few more vintages like 2007, look out. And the 2005 nebbiolos — a new classic? No, it was only one vintage. But, wow, boys and girls, what were you thinking when you planted that grape? Those wines are terrific.”

via A British expert talks about U.S. wines.

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