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Domaine de Pouy gets a mention from Lettie Teague…it’s the white wine of the summer!

“I’m visiting Dallas for a couple of days this week and of course that means visiting Sigel’s Fine Wines. There are about 15 Sigel’s in greater Dallas according to Tim Farina, the manager of the Frisco store.

Silver Oak is purportedly a popular brand in Dallas.

I’d decided to buy my parents a bunch of bottles of “everyday” wines for their cellar. I bought them some Malbec (Alamos); some Côtes du Rhône (Belleruche from Chapoutier and Andre Brunel); a few bottles of Monte Antico, a lively red blend from Tuscany; as well as a few whites, including Domaine de Pouy, a brisk, refreshing white from the Gascony region of France made from the unfashionable Ugni grape (the grape of Cognac) that only cost about $9 a bottle.

I didn’t, however, buy any California Cabernet or Chardonnay, the two wines that accorded the store’s largest acreage. “Everyone in Dallas drinks Cabernet Sauvignon,” said Mr. Farina. “Silver Oak, Caymus—those are all the big names.”

“Even on a day like today?” I asked. (The temperature was hovering close to 100.) “Of course. If you have someone over to your house for dinner in Dallas, they’re going to be looking at the label,” he said.

My sister was making steaks on the grill for dinner that night, and I was planning to bring her a bottle of Domaine de Pouy and a bottle of Mascarello Dolcetto. My sister doesn’t care about Silver Oak—but then she’s marrying a guy whose favorite wine is Blue Nun.”

via Drinking Dallas Style – On Wine – WSJ.

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